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What We Do

Girl Talk International (GTI) is a faith based organization that empowers and inspires women from all walks of life, who may have been victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other life traumatic experiences to help them recover, heal, and redevelop their self-worth and self-esteem.

Girl Talk also provides women and girls with the opportunity to come together and strengthen each other through personal experiences; ultimately helping one another to rebuild and cope with the many issues that tend to affect us, such as self-worth deficiencies.  Our goal is to be instrumental in the healing of past wounds and the restoration of the spirit.  Girl Talk’s vision is for women to help usher one another into their respective destinies and discover their purpose.



For the lives of the women of our communities to be notably changed, to the magnitude that it would cause change in the lives of women across the globe.


Girl Talk is uniquely designed to captivate the hearts and minds of women to build one another and to leave a legacy for generations to come...


We Believe

We believe that women will be changed and become better mothers, wives, sisters, friends, and citizens; who will ultimately change their families, communities, cities, states, countries, and the world through Girl Talk.



To provide women of our communities support,    encouragement, and spiritual healing that were victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse.


To provide women of our communities guidance and direction to set and achieve various personal goals such as relationships, education, finances, parenting, and career development.


To provide women of our communities mentoring and positive role models to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies, abortions, and sexually transmitted  diseases by promoting abstinence and making healthy choices.


To provide women of our communities resources and tools necessary to help build self-esteem and self-confidence.

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